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Lovemore Chanengeta

Founder & CEO

Lovemore, the company's founder and CEO, is in charge of all product design, engineering, and development for the company's systems, products, and solutions.

About Lovemore

eduSYMS' mission has been to accelerate and transform education, improve the learning process, and foster learning environments since the company's inception in 2018. The SiMS Platform was the first eduSYMS product to be introduced in 2018, followed by the eduSYMS Live Connect in 2020 and the tripSYMS App in the same year. The SiMS Platform continues to receive positive consumer reviews as the Best Overall Student Information Management System, and they fall in love with the eduSYMS Technology's user-friendliness. eduSYMS Solutions have incalculable cost-saving advantages.

The agriSYMS Apps, the docuSYMS App, the eduSYMS ERP & CRM Systems, VOIP, API, and SMS solutions were also created by eduSYMS.

Lovemore oversees the development of apps and software for any existing or new projects at eduSYMS, ultimately resulting in learner-centric solutions. So far, the eduSYMS SiMS Platform has been designed and developed in Africa for Africa as a student information management system. eduSYMS is working on a connectivity solution that will bring high-speed broadband internet to areas where it has previously been unreliable, expensive, or completely unavailable. eduSYMS is pursuing the long-term goal of ensuring that education never stops by developing autonomous solutions for education.