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What does eduSYMS mean and how to pronounce it?

eduSYMS /ɛdjʊˈsɪms/
The term "eduSYMS" was coined by concatenating the first three letters (Edu) of education with the last four letters (syms) of systems; thus, "eduSYMS" was born to solve educational problems through innovative approaches to the use of technology to provide fast, secure, reliable, and learner-centric solutions that address technological deficiencies in the African education and training sectors.

? How do I login as a student/Parent?

To ensure a successful login, you must have the following items: Password and Username (Email, Mobile Number, and/or Student Number) (as configured or received via SMS) If you do not have your login credentials, please submit a support ticket here and we will send them to you via SMS, WhatsApp, or email. In your ticket, include the name of your institution, full name, ID/Student Number, mobile phone number, and email address as they were registered at the time of enrollment.

eduSYMS serves as a bridge between Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs), the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), the National Department of Basic Education (DBE), and institutions by providing a platform that interfaces with the Electronic Data Link to the Examination System (EDLES) and the South African School Administration and Management System (SA-SAMS).

Submitting a general support ticket detailing your request is the quickest way to get started with eduSYMS. This will assign a ticket number to your question and assign your support ticket to one of our support agents, who are always available to help you with anything related to eduSYMS Solutions.

Innovating Education

we solve

Some of the fundamental educational problems that eduSYMS addresses:

  • Connectivity & hybrid learning
  • Monitoring, assessing, & reporting
  • Performance evaluation & planning
  • Attendance, affordability, & discipline
  • Resource distribution & learner support
  • Transportation, boarding, & hostels
  • Sports management
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